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A Bridge for Prominents Talents and Emerging Artists
Visual Art Community

Siji art Management serves as a “bridge” for audiences involved in art activities, including artists, curators, and art aficionados.


Solo/Group Exhibition

A Solo/Group exhibition is an opportunity for artists to showcase their talent and
creativity fully
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Equip you with the knowledge
and skills you need to succeed in
visual art
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Private Sales

Exclusive sales program that offers
access to collectors and art lovers
to acquire the best artworks.
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Who We Are

Professional Art Management

Siji Art Management was established in 2017 in Jakarta. It was initiated by the artists Iwan Suhaya and Cut Nailil Muna, who received formal education in Art Management from the Postgraduate Program at the Indonesia Institute of the Arts of Yogyakarta. Oriented as a community forum for young artists to present their visual works so that the public can widely appreciate them.

Why Choice Us

We Have The Best Team Work

Siji Art Management boasts a dedicated team committed to delivering exceptional results through seamless collaboration.

Years Of Experiences

Siji Art Management was established in 2017 in Jakarta.

Flexible Business Time

Siji Art Management understands that creativity thrives in an environment that fosters flexibility.

Any Where Delivery

The artworks by Siji Art Management can be sent anywhere, domestically and internationally.


Has received numerous appreciation from various figures.

All In Decoration


Not only showcasing visual art exhibitions, but also facilitating dialogue and collaboration among art actors.

Make Perfect Your Collections

" We provide the best artwork for your collection "

Let's Get Collaboration

Achieve Broader Opportunities

Collaborate with our seasoned team to bring your vision to life, ensuring a seamless and remarkable event execution.

Perfect Events

Strengthen the promotion of your art in real-life

We have organized a wide range of events, including solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and workshops, both in Indonesia and abroad.

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Solo Exhibition
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Group Exhibition
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Professional Team
Solo Exhibition


Shanghai International Art Fair,
National Exhibition and Convention Center
(NECC) Shanghai


Paint & Dine

Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta

Group Exhibition

Imagi [nation] Resurrection

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta


Featured in various media outlets.

Siji Art Management’s art exhibitions have been featured in various media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, and television.

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